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Panasonic Bug Bounty
« on: July 31, 2023, 05:41:09 pm »
submit bug report:

Panasonic Product Security Incident Response Team
Please read the information below concerning Panasonic's policy on personal information practices on the website, and indicate your consent by clicking the "I agree; go to the next page" button. This will take you to Inquiry Form.
Note: You cannot proceed to Inquiry Form if you do not indicate your consent to the contents below. Thank you for your understanding.

[Personal Information Practices on the Website]

(1) Company name and personal information protection manager
Panasonic Corporation Panasonic PSIRT

(2) Purposes of use of personal information
Personal information entered and obtained will be used as follows:
To solve the vulnerabilities and record them

(3) Provision of personal information
In some cases we will provide personal information we have obtained, such as a customer's name and contact information, to an affiliate of the Panasonic Group, by paper or electronic medium, when we have determined that it is appropriate for the affiliate of the Company Group to respond to a product inquiry. In such cases, customers are able to request that the Company stop providing their personal information to group companies.

(4) Consignment of personal information management
In some cases we will consign all or part of the management of personal information we have obtained within a necessary scope determined by the purposes described above.

(5) Disclosure of personal information subject to disclosure and call center
Individuals who have provided personal information to Panasonic may request that Panasonic perform any of the following actions in respect to such information that is subject to disclosure.
a) Notify them of the purpose
b) Disclose the content of the information held
c) Revise or make corrections to information
d) Add new information
e) Remove information no longer relevant
f) Terminate the usage of personal information held
g) Dispose of all personal information held
h) Terminate the provision of personal information to third parties
For requests concerning any of the above actions, please contact us via inquiry form.
Panasonic Corporation Panasonic PSIRT

(6) Notes on entering personal information
In some cases, we will contact individuals by e-mail or telephone. Please note that if you do not enter your telephone number or e-mail address we may be unable to contact you.

(7) Acquisition of personal information by means that cannot identify individuals easily
We do not obtain personal information using means such as cookies or Web beacons by which individuals cannot be easily identified.

(8) Bug Bounties
Panasonic Corporation does not run a bug bounty program for its products.

(9) Vulnerability Coordination Policy / Vulnerability Disclosure Policy
Panasonic PSIRT will handle reported vulnerabilities in accordance with this policy.

(10) CVE Numbering Authority (CNA)
As of December 1, 2021, Panasonic PSIRT has become a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA). As a CNA, Panasonic PSIRT will assign CVE ID to vulnerabilities found in Panasonic products. For Panasonic products reported with vulnerabilities, we will assign CVE IDs and disclose them in a timely manner to protect the security and safety of our products and customers.