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Author Topic: Get Beta Testers - Beta Users Bounty  (Read 3092 times)


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Get Beta Testers - Beta Users Bounty
« on: April 17, 2023, 09:21:21 pm »
If you are a founder, a programmer or a company, and are looking for beta users for a new product.
Please reply directly to this post

and provide the following details:

1- Beta tester bounty compensation range. (the more detailed the better)
ex: 3$ for testing the product, and answering a short feedback form.
10$ for extensively using the product for few days, then answering a short feedback form.

2- Amount of Beta testers and skills you need.
ex: 10 beta testers + 2 pro beta testers

3- Link to the website or app or whatever the beta testers should join/test.

4- Contact details, ideally a form.
PS: avoid putting you email to avoid being spammed.
A link to the bounty page would be ideal.

If you want the possibility to directly post the beta users bounty to the beta testers section, in addition to some better bounty management permissions, consider donating to us, contact us for this detail (send me a pm).