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Author Topic: Why use BountyTalk to launch your bounty or Airdrop ?  (Read 892 times)


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Why use BountyTalk to launch your bounty or Airdrop ?
« on: October 26, 2021, 01:25:12 PM »
I am the admin of AltcoinsTalks, the reason we decided to launch this project is because we want bounties and airdrops to have some importance again.
Being involved in this industry for many years, we have seen how it have been hijacked by cheaters.

What every bounty manager should remember :
A bounty has the sole role to bring exposure to your project. EXPOSURE is the key word. If you got lost in the standard way of operation and forgot about the objective, this is a reminder.
To bring exposure, you will need real people participating in the bounties, not bots, and not account farms and not multi accounts.
A bounty that is not protected from account farms and multi account users will have the opposite of the objective.

When a multi account joins the bounty, it will not be really bringing exposure, because the quality of his exposure is very bad (due to fake persona).
furthermore he will take the spots from other genuine bounty hunters, and last he will sell the amassed bounty token as soon as it is possible, dropping the price.

How bad is the situation ?
On Altcoinstalks we fight multiaccounts viciously, but still it's not enough. Other forums some do some don't. It is a lot of work and needs lots of dedication.
One of the multi accounts puppet masters we caught on AltcoinsTalks was bragging that he has 400+ bounty account on bitcointalk. If he only join 25% of his accounts per bounty. A bounty of 200 participants can be 50% of the participants fake. A bounty of a 1000 can have up to 40% fake.

This guy is not alone, bots, account farms and multi accounts are rampant. Once, in an Airdrop, we had 5000 bot signup, they all looked legit until we started checking the patterns and the ip and the submission time.
Bounties and Airdrops are invaded by fake users. Do not be surprised that 90% of the bounty hunters and airdrop hunters are fake. That is why we are launching this project.

How is this project different ?
This project is only a launching forum. Not for signature campaigns and other.
From here you can launch the bounty or airdrop that can span all the forums and all the platforms you need.
A central place for reporting, and a central place for verifying.
Also, a central place for fighting the multi accounts and account farms.
We have many procedures in place to stop these multi accounts and bots, thus save your bounty and airdrop from the abuse.
Unlike on other forums, that seek to grow and be informative, this forum have a single objective eradicate the bots and account farms from the entire industry.
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